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Rainy Day Playlist part 1

Hello lovies! I know I haven’t been writing much on here or on ECE twitter. I even missed the second birthday of ECE! I know I’m horrible, BUT I have a good excuse I’ve been busy with university. If it makes you readers feel any better, I haven’t listened to any new kpop in the last three-four months.

So here’s just a post so you know that I haven’t abandoned my music lovers! Since it’s been sort of gloomy weather the last few days I decided to make a rainy day playlist. I feel like rainy day weather is the perfect time to snuggle up with a good book or movie, some hot tea or warm yummy food with a nice playlist in the background. Continue reading Rainy Day Playlist part 1

Artist analysis: Brown Eyed Girls

Brown eyed girls are one of my favorite girl groups; they are the ones who really started me in more of an r&b sound in Korean music when all I knew about were SNSD and SHINee; the idols. I stumbled across the group when they were promoting ‘You’ from their mini album My Style.

Obviously these girls are extremely talented,so I decided to disect each members voice using a cupcake analogy. Enjoy! Continue reading Artist analysis: Brown Eyed Girls

Battle of the Girl Groups: Bella vs Lady Collection

So there’s two trio’s who have been pretty quiet since the release of their debut EP’s;Lady collection being the senior group. Both groups had hit debut tracks : lc with peeking melancholy and Bella with their cover of ‘don’t let go’. After the release of said tracks, they’ve been pushed out of the spotlight. As a fan of both groups it’s hard to see some really talented ladies get kicked to the back of peoples mind while a new group debuts every week. Continue reading Battle of the Girl Groups: Bella vs Lady Collection

Battle of the rappers: Gil Me v. E.via

A lot of idol groups have four or five main singers, then a “rapper”. The reason I have rapper in quotations is because those so-called rappers aren’t really rappers at all. Most of them are doing this chant-talking thing that comes off as annoying and embarrassing. On top of that female rappers are like a joke in Korea. They can’t have a real rap about something unless they are thrown in skimpy clothes, doing some distasteful dance for a bunch of old guys that are old enough to be their dads. I’m not here to bash girl groups because that’s what I started out with when I first listened to K-pop, but I’m saying that female MC’s don’t get the recognition and respect that guys do. Continue reading Battle of the rappers: Gil Me v. E.via

2010 in Music: Arie’s Top Songs Part I

2010 was quite a year. Break-ups, people leaving, new members, comebacks, deaths and ventures abroad. There were an endless amount of new girl groups with like a thousand members, okay that’s a bit exaggerated, but you get my point. Despite all that, there was some amazing music released this year.  Continue reading 2010 in Music: Arie’s Top Songs Part I

Battle of the Bands: BRIGHT vs. Tenjochiki

I think anyone who reads the reviews on this site know that I (Arie Jai) am a huge fangirl of both BRIGHT and Tenjochiki/CSJH The Grace. They have amazing voices,can harmonize and dance well, are terribly under rated and a lot of people compare them frequently on each others videos.

The first song I heard from The Grace was their Korean single, Dancer In The Rain and the first Japanese song A Little Bit of Good a piano based ballad. I listened to different clips of them singing a capella medleys and I was blown away – I had never heard anything like that from a pop group. The first BRIGHT song I heard was ‘Shining Butterfly‘ that I was led to by watching Tenjochiki a-nation videos. I didn’t really care for Shining Butterfly, but I liked their sound so I looked them up  and found their song Brightest Star. I listened to that song for about 2 months straight because it was just so catchy. After listening to them for about a year, I found myself always comparing them so I decided to give an in depth breakdown of both groups. Continue reading Battle of the Bands: BRIGHT vs. Tenjochiki

K-Rock Exists, Trust Me

Hi all! This is my very first post here, and I’d like to thank Arie for inviting me to contribute!

I’ll tell you a little about myself. The name’s Alisa. I’m a 19-year-old college student (I’m sure you all care *so* much about this) and a huge fan of Japanese music. My main blog can be found here. I figured some shameless plugging wouldn’t be TOO harmful! Ehehe. (hides from angry mob)

On my blog, I mainly review music. I try to talk a lot about artists that not many people know about, because I think all artists deserve a fair chance to be noticed. The genre I talk about with the most frequency is Visual Kei. Yeah, you read that right. Now I’m sure you’re baffled as to why a Visual Kei fanatic is writing on a k-pop blog. I wanted a challenge, so there you go. 🙂 Continue reading K-Rock Exists, Trust Me