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Originally posted on Asia 24/7

s per usual Mamamoo bring a pleasant fusion of jazz, R&B and hip hop on their first album Melting.

There’s nothing better than a diss track except maybe a diss track to people in the same group! Mamamoo opens the album with Pride of 1cm showing off their rap skills as well as their playful side. The girls who jokingly talk about each others height in other words a fake diss track. Up until the last minute of the song, it’s actually pretty good rapping from all the members.

Now moving on to the first filler track, You’re The Best. This song follows the jazzy sound that they delivered with Piano Man, but there is nothing too spectacular about the song.

JunggiGo lends his voice for a sweet collaboration on Friday Night but it’s similar to most “girl/boy- coffee-love-song”. It would fit better as a continuation of Words Come Easy. The laid back sound melts into the next track Hometown, keeping up with that bossa nova sound. While it sounds fine alone, this track could have easily been left of the album as it did not add any personality that was not provided in the previous two tracks.

thumbnail_600x300_cropCue old fashioned pop song with Emotion. I’m getting some CSJH the Grace vibes with this one maybe like an upgraded version. Great harmonies but this song doesn’t exactly wow as it falls flat without a catchy hook to save it. it could very easily get lost in the shuffle of hip-hop enthusiasts and synth sounds but this is definitely worth adding to your Kpop playlist. Excellent idea for them to pre-release I Miss You earlier this year because who doesn’t love a sad love song? Keeping with the simplicity of the previous track, there aren’t a bunch of frills that overpower the song; just a piano and the voices. This shows off their true talent and control because as easy as it is to belt out a few notes if there was any more ad libs then this song would just be doing the absolute most. Funky Boy cute track filled with horns, synth and bright energy. It has that same swag that Um Oh Ah Ye and Mr. Ambiguous had.

Just was missing something; it was like they were slightly singing off key or weren’t feeling this song. Either way, the song tries to create some soul but although there are moments in the song that sound beautiful it sounds awkward and I was waiting to be wowed and that sadly never came.

“Melting” is what one gets when they just throw a bunch of singles together instead of sitting down and making a full and cohesive album. And, therefore was a bad choice for the group’s very first full length album. Of course, individually the songs deliver Mamamoo’s unique brand of girl group, and while in theory they should all work they don’t and just sound like a collection of mismatched tunes.

Score: 3.5/5

Must Listen To: Pride of 1cm, Words Come Easy, I Miss You

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