Top Kpop MVs 2010

I watched a lot of MV’s during the year and some were good, some were bad and some were hilarious. Here’s my list of video’s that were pure awesomeness.

Visual Imagery:

2NE1 아파( It Hurts)

Probably the most dramatic from the girls, but that’s what I loved so much. Plus, there was this more vulnerable side being shown, it was great.

Narsha Bbi Ri Bba Bba

The use of colors and themes is so amazing. NegaNetwork are amazing at creating these amazing concepts and just executing them to the fullest.

Ga In Irreversible

This was like a movie. You had to follow her character and connect it with the music, so it was really nice how they did this.

Lee Hyori Swing

This is Hyori’s most serious song and the use of that clown was so great. I know most people were freaked out by it, but it was a really good concept. Even though Hyori doesn’t have the greatest voice, this song sounds so good.

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