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Battle of the Bands: BRIGHT vs. Tenjochiki

I think anyone who reads the reviews on this site know that I (Arie Jai) am a huge fangirl of both BRIGHT and Tenjochiki/CSJH The Grace. They have amazing voices,can harmonize and dance well, are terribly under rated and a lot of people compare them frequently on each others videos.

The first song I heard from The Grace was their Korean single, Dancer In The Rain and the first Japanese song A Little Bit of Good a piano based ballad. I listened to different clips of them singing a capella medleys and I was blown away – I had never heard anything like that from a pop group. The first BRIGHT song I heard was ‘Shining Butterfly‘ that I was led to by watching Tenjochiki a-nation videos. I didn’t really care for Shining Butterfly, but I liked their sound so I looked them up  and found their song Brightest Star. I listened to that song for about 2 months straight because it was just so catchy. After listening to them for about a year, I found myself always comparing them so I decided to give an in depth breakdown of both groups. Continue reading Battle of the Bands: BRIGHT vs. Tenjochiki