2010 in Music: Arie’s Top Songs Part I

2010 was quite a year. Break-ups, people leaving, new members, comebacks, deaths and ventures abroad. There were an endless amount of new girl groups with like a thousand members, okay that’s a bit exaggerated, but you get my point. Despite all that, there was some amazing music released this year.  Music was a huge part of this year for me. I really found how music can express every emotion I’m feeling or irritate every bone in my body. I listened to different artist, genres and languages. I explored and had an amazing journey.

I’m an dividing the list into two parts, the first 6 months of the year and the last 6. I don’t really have a set limit on the number of songs that I really liked, so you might want to brace yourself when reading this. Each song falls under the month it was released, followed by short commentary on why I liked it so much. You can listen to the songs in this neat little music player, while you read the post.



Wonder Woman Seeya Davichi T-ara was the female anthem. It’s fun, all about bashing men and female empowerment. I really love the little disco-finger-point dance, so cute. I find myself doing it every time I hear the song.

Hwayobi 마취
From Three Brother OST/수상한 삼형제 OST. Actually the entire soundtrack was great and featured some of my favorite artist.

Lisa featuring Miryo 우리 결혼할까?
Miryo is on of my favorite rappers and I love the tone of her voice; it’s kind of deep yet still girl-y. Miryo’s rap adds a subtle touch of fierce and Lisa’s sweet vocals melts into this catchy melody.

ICONIQ Change Myself
Everything about this song is love. It doesn’t have to continuos melody and ICONIQ’s voice sounds so good against the beat. The bits of English actually make sense; overall great way to start off her debut.


Sunmin Superwoman- when I first heard it I was like this is too good, she can’t be a new artist. I really like her voice; it’s very soulful and the song made me feel happy every time I attempted to sing it.

J.ae feat. G.O 끝을말할수없어도
I was so happy when I found out J.ae was having her comeback and then I find out she was doing a song with G.O., I almost died. 끝을 말할 순 없어도 has all the emotion and

I started watching a few drama’s and one was OB/GYN. The OST really can make or break a drama and I feel like this OST was pretty good. Hwayobi, one of my favorite female artist, sang 늦은사랑 . What a song! I cried the first time I heard it. I think Hwayobi’s soft singing in the song and build up with the violins add to all that emotion in the song.

Another great son from rookie artist, ICONIQ. I love the intro of ‘ooh’s’ and the little guitar strums that lead in the track.


After School With U– Although nothing can top last years hit ‘ Because of You’ , the girls came back with a fierce new concept for their single ‘Bang!’. That song overshadowed this gem. I have never heard such a god ballad from an ‘idol’ group.

Big Mama returned with their first album in almost three years, with Going Crazy Waiting. I thought they had split up or just decided not to do music anymore, but then they surprised me with this.

8eight totally rocked and shocked me with their new sound in 유효기간/ Validity Period. I loved it; the slight auto tune and sharp beats made them sound happy and a nice change of pace from last year’s ballads.

Boni ResQMe
This was my first song from her and I instantly fell in love with her voice. It has that modern R&B sound


2PM stayed with their whole I’m stronger without you blah blah, but Don’t Stop Can’t Stop had the “it” factor. It had the raw emotion and everything that I want in a song from the supposedly beastly idols.

While I liked This Is Not A Game,it didn’t have that fierceness and umph that sad to say had. Then she released Jealous and I’m still hooked on it. That falsetto in the beginning and the attitude makes me love this song even more.


Love Is War- gilme feat outsider
Of course I listened to more than just this song, but this song was the best and most played for May and really sticks out in my head. It was a perfect combination; Gil Me’s rap and then Outsider’s speed rapping, love it.


Navi and K.Will We really did love I don’t know if there were any other duets like this for 2010. Their voices were made for this song. If she would’ve stayed more in this direction instead of Listen to the End then, I would’ve been way happier.

Chess- Echo
What a duo! Their voices made me melt when I first heard it. They remind me of a male Davichi with more emotion and soul.

EZ-Life(Featuring Kang  Beggin U
Cute and funny MV, even cuter song. Davichi’s Kang Min Young has the cutest voice! This was my first time listening to EZ-Life and the rapper sounds like Baeka from Koyote.

Seo InYoung Write Love, Call it pain
This really showed off her lovely voice. I want her to sing more songs like this instead of that Into the Rhythm crap she’s promoting now.

As I stated in my Taeyang SOLAR review, this album wasn’t as hard hitting as I was expecting it to be, but I did enjoy listening to ‘I Need A Girl’. I can understand Taeyangs’s plight in wanting a significant other, I prefer boys though. I like this relaxed R&B song from him and it was a nice change in pace from the other auto-tuned songs.

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