Battle of the Bands: BRIGHT vs. Tenjochiki

I think anyone who reads the reviews on this site know that I (Arie Jai) am a huge fangirl of both BRIGHT and Tenjochiki/CSJH The Grace. They have amazing voices,can harmonize and dance well, are terribly under rated and a lot of people compare them frequently on each others videos.

The first song I heard from The Grace was their Korean single, Dancer In The Rain and the first Japanese song A Little Bit of Good a piano based ballad. I listened to different clips of them singing a capella medleys and I was blown away – I had never heard anything like that from a pop group. The first BRIGHT song I heard was ‘Shining Butterfly‘ that I was led to by watching Tenjochiki a-nation videos. I didn’t really care for Shining Butterfly, but I liked their sound so I looked them up  and found their song Brightest Star. I listened to that song for about 2 months straight because it was just so catchy. After listening to them for about a year, I found myself always comparing them so I decided to give an in depth breakdown of both groups.

First let’s compare voices. Starting with BRIGHT: Nagi has a rich tone in the deeper register, but her voice can sometimes be overshadowed by her appearance( she has an underbite) and the fact that her head voice can be nasal/borderline  whiny. Meg has a mediocre voice. Her tone can be shrill when she tries to sing in the higher registers. In other words, she is the weakest link, but maybe with a little more vocal lessons she could sound better. Mimi’s my favorite in the group so I’l try not to let this be too biased. Mimi’s tone is very rich and she has a deep register like Nagi, but can hit the high notes that Meg can’t; she sings contralto. Contralto means you can sing in both a low and high register.(Yay I wasn’t biased!)Last is the main vocalist, Nanaka. Nanaka sings in a soprano register. She has an amazing voice, but steals all the spotlight and  I wish that Mimi would have a song that she was the lead.

Brightest Star ~ A Cappella Version~

here’s what bright fan had to say:

BRIGHT is so much better XD . they keep getting better & better. and they can ACTUALLY sing. they have real talent.


Another bright fan said:

I  find BRIGHT to be a more “colorful” group in terms of vocals, because each girl has a very unique, easily identifiable voice, yet together they make beautiful harmony.

On to The Grace! Starting with Lina, the leader of the group. Lina has a deep voice, but it’s a little softer. Dana’s voice is more nasally than Lina’s, but she has so much range! Stephanie is the dancer of the group, but that girl can hold her own too. I really love her rich tone; it makes her stand out in the group. Sunday is an soprano. Her voice is really sweet and cute, but not nasal. As a whole. the group sounds really good and in harmony.

CSJH The Grace [Tenjochiki] – A Little Bit Of Good

BRIGHT have gotten better and better with every release and I think they are learning how to control their voices. I’m happy to listen to them and hear how they’ve improved. On the other hand, I still like listening to Tenjochiki’s work. They were my first Japanese girl group,but weren’t managed well in Korea or Japan and so they are now on the longest hiatus ever.

So whose the better group?

(scroll down to find out)

Although Meg and Nagi do bring the Nanaka and Mimi down, they are learning and growing and showed in their latest EP In Harmony, that they are in fact in harmony! So BRIGHT are the winner’s for now.

I would like to thank all the people who helped me with this post: Mardi(from Luminosity), Nicole(from Pop Reviews Now), *Dark_Angel* , choksi2 and ZuteGach from the BRIGHT and Tenjochiki threads at This post was my personal opinion and I have no affiliation with either of the groups so don’t bash me or the site(s) listed above.

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