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Battle of the Bands: BRIGHT vs. Tenjochiki

I think anyone who reads the reviews on this site know that I (Arie Jai) am a huge fangirl of both BRIGHT and Tenjochiki/CSJH The Grace. They have amazing voices,can harmonize and dance well, are terribly under rated and a lot of people compare them frequently on each others videos.

The first song I heard from The Grace was their Korean single, Dancer In The Rain and the first Japanese song A Little Bit of Good a piano based ballad. I listened to different clips of them singing a capella medleys and I was blown away – I had never heard anything like that from a pop group. The first BRIGHT song I heard was ‘Shining Butterfly‘ that I was led to by watching Tenjochiki a-nation videos. I didn’t really care for Shining Butterfly, but I liked their sound so I looked them up  and found their song Brightest Star. I listened to that song for about 2 months straight because it was just so catchy. After listening to them for about a year, I found myself always comparing them so I decided to give an in depth breakdown of both groups. Continue reading Battle of the Bands: BRIGHT vs. Tenjochiki

Tenjochiki Dear…

The second full length Japanese album from one of my favorite girl groups CSJH the Grace a.k.a Tenjochiki showed a move evolved sound. The quartet consists of dancing machine and rapper Stephanie,Lina former member of ’90’s pop group IsakNJiyeon, Dana the musical actress and goofball Sunday.

Dear…‘ includese their sixth(Stand Up People) and seventh(Here) single as well as the theme song to Homeless Chugakuse and a song from the movie Subaru.
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