Battle of the Girl Groups: Bella vs Lady Collection

So there’s two trio’s who have been pretty quiet since the release of their debut EP’s;Lady collection being the senior group. Both groups had hit debut tracks : lc with peeking melancholy and Bella with their cover of ‘don’t let go’. After the release of said tracks, they’ve been pushed out of the spotlight. As a fan of both groups it’s hard to see some really talented ladies get kicked to the back of peoples mind while a new group debuts every week.

Lady Collection had an advantage with former YG singer Kim Ji Eun as one of the members as well as former solo singer Sei & newcomer Eli. Their mini album was good( read my review here) but their debut lacked the luster a lot of idol newcomers have; in other words good voice but songs didn’t really stick in my mind like some of my favorite songs tend to do. I think if they had more options with their songs and maybe a little more creative freedom, they could have definitely dominated the music scene.

Now onto Bella. They also had an advantage ( or disadvantage depending on how you look at it); they just covered one of the top girl groups En Vouge ‘s r&b song. Their concept was more adult and ‘sexy’ which you normally don’t see from a rookie unless their a little older. All in all their kind of the same in terms of good voice and no stage presence. Stage presence is a huge deal especially if your performing every week and trying to wow people with a concept that is constantly thrown in their face from idol groups.

I think in terms of popularity Lady Collection have the upper hand with a lot of YG fans for Ji Eun. And the winner is ….



Bella! Ha I bet you thought I would pick Lady Collection. Well as much as I adore Ji runs voice, a lot of the songs in the group seem like she’s the lead singer with back up. Bella have a set of lungs on them that are way too good to overlook. Support both groups and head over to Luminosity for more information on Bella.


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