Artist Analysis: Secret

I wasn’t like a superfan or anything until Secret released Magic; that was the dealbreaker. Magic was just what they  needed, it was catchy and fun. Also on that mini album they had some really great songs that showed that they can have a fun song and sing.

It wasn’t until I heard 자리비움 from their Madonna MV teaser that I became more interested in their singing. And surprise,surprise everyone in the group can sing exceptionally well.

Secret as a whole are very unique and they each have unique tones. Zinger has this sharp tone which is great for rapping, Ji Eun has crisp tone that makes everything she sings sound really smooth, Hyosung has a smooth tone as well, but her voice is slightly deeper giving off a more mature sound and Sunhwa stabilizes the group out with her balanced tone.



Zinger is the rapper, keep that in mind. This girl may serve as the groups rapper, but she actually has a pretty good singing voice. She’s not as powerful as Ji Eun; her sound is more toned down and relaxed. She and Sunhwa are about the same in their tone.


Sunghwa is not the strongest singer, but if she really starts to work on control and pitch, her singing will improve.

Ji Eun

Ji Eun is the lead singer fora reason! She has power in her voice and she sings with her diaphragm; her voice is controlled and she definitely knows what works for her voice. Her voice does tend to get a bit nasal, but the sound really works for her.



Hyosung is the other surprise in the group. Before they released their mini album Madonna, I had no idea why she was in the group other than dancing and her singing parts in Magic weren’t anything mind blowing.She has some strong, natural vibrato and a great tone.Also, the emotion she cane evoke in a song is just amazing! I think if she works on her breathing a little more she could be even better. 





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