Artist analysis: Brown Eyed Girls

Brown eyed girls are one of my favorite girl groups; they are the ones who really started me in more of an r&b sound in Korean music when all I knew about were SNSD and SHINee; the idols. I stumbled across the group when they were promoting ‘You’ from their mini album My Style.

Obviously these girls are extremely talented,so I decided to disect each members voice using a cupcake analogy. Enjoy!

JeA: The icing; she adds that airy sound which can often be very powerful and also very sweet sounding. She was obviously given the position as leader because she has the most control and it shows especially in songs like Got Fooled By You when she’s holding notes for long periods of time.

Narsha: The eggs in the batter that make the mix smooth; adds smooth tone to the overall sound of the group.

Ga-In: Dry mix( flour, sugar,etc); the base of the group. She adds a mature sound to the group with her husky voice.

Miryo: The sprinkles; adds the special something to the sound of the group that take them from being another girl group to one of the top girl groups in Korea.

And when you combine the four together, the sound is as sweet as a cake and can be as wild or as tame as they choose to be. Brown Eyed Girls are one of the rare groups that know their voices and know what sound works for them. They play with their strengths and are always pushing themselves to outdo their previous works.

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