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Battle of the rappers: Gil Me v. E.via

A lot of idol groups have four or five main singers, then a “rapper”. The reason I have rapper in quotations is because those so-called rappers aren’t really rappers at all. Most of them are doing this chant-talking thing that comes off as annoying and embarrassing. On top of that female rappers are like a joke in Korea. They can’t have a real rap about something unless they are thrown in skimpy clothes, doing some distasteful dance for a bunch of old guys that are old enough to be their dads. I’m not here to bash girl groups because that’s what I started out with when I first listened to K-pop, but I’m saying that female MC’s don’t get the recognition and respect that guys do. Continue reading Battle of the rappers: Gil Me v. E.via

2010 in Music: Arie’s Top Songs Part I

2010 was quite a year. Break-ups, people leaving, new members, comebacks, deaths and ventures abroad. There were an endless amount of new girl groups with like a thousand members, okay that’s a bit exaggerated, but you get my point. Despite all that, there was some amazing music released this year.  Continue reading 2010 in Music: Arie’s Top Songs Part I

Gilme Love Actually

Rapper-singer, Gilme finally released her album and I think I was the happiest person. She has so much talent and some say that she’s the next Tasha. Her first full length album includes all the songs from her Love Cuts single,digital single’s ‘Love Is War’ with speed rapper Outsider, Why You and Me with Jung Yeop.Plus, three new tracks: Sorry I Love You with K.Will, XOXO and 미남이시네요 with Lisa.

Since I reviewed her Love Cut’s single, I won’t reciew the tracks again. Read it here. Continue reading Gilme Love Actually