Battle of the rappers: Gil Me v. E.via

A lot of idol groups have four or five main singers, then a “rapper”. The reason I have rapper in quotations is because those so-called rappers aren’t really rappers at all. Most of them are doing this chant-talking thing that comes off as annoying and embarrassing. On top of that female rappers are like a joke in Korea. They can’t have a real rap about something unless they are thrown in skimpy clothes, doing some distasteful dance for a bunch of old guys that are old enough to be their dads. I’m not here to bash girl groups because that’s what I started out with when I first listened to K-pop, but I’m saying that female MC’s don’t get the recognition and respect that guys do.

I remember when I first heard Gil Me’s debut EP, I really didn’t think of her as a rapper since she was mainly singing. Then I did some research and listened to her past work and I thought to myself why isn’t she more popular? When I heard her first single I noticed a lot of people weren’t digging her voice but I love that it sounded so different and fresh.

Now e.via is a different story. I am absolutely in love with her debut album. It’s so fun and playful and real. Her title track,Diary, is still on repeat to this day. I had never heard such a nice blend of pop,rap and emotion especially from a female.

Both girls have that special quality that draws you in. Personally I like Gil Me’s music a tad more than e.via ,but if they had a rap battle on speed I think e.via would win hands down. With that being said, the winner is:

Gil Me! She reminds me of Tasha because she can sing and rap and they compliment other peoples voices. She has some experience with artist like Outsider, Eun Ji Won and Jung Yeop,etc. I recommend listening to her first album, Love Actually.

*Thanks Mardi from Luminosity for the amazing banners! These are opinions only from Arie Jai and are not associated with any companies or such like that.

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