Lee Hyori Remeber

Lee Hyori has been slowly bringing herself into the spotlight after all the problems her last album was giving her . She slows things down with her new release, 기억해 or Remeber.(Listen at Jenpoo.) Continue reading Lee Hyori Remeber

Navi Diary


I think Navi is a really great singer and her last single, ‘ Listen to the End’ had that rock sound very similar to Kelly Clarkson.

Her new single, Diary, shows off her vocals over a light beat and guitar accompaniment. This single is exactly what I’ve been wanting to hear: light, Spring-y type of music. I rate her single 5/5!

I have a surprise!

Guess what everyone? I have great news. 1) I do have a ton of new posts to upload and reviews that I wrote while I was away. 2) I’m gonna start reviewing drama’s and movies! The new site is titled K-drama express and here’s the link: kdramaexpress.wordpress.com I thought I would just keep things simple. Also I made an archive website for earcandy express. So look forward to my new posts and feature’s coming up on the site.

Battle of the Girl Groups: Bella vs Lady Collection

So there’s two trio’s who have been pretty quiet since the release of their debut EP’s;Lady collection being the senior group. Both groups had hit debut tracks : lc with peeking melancholy and Bella with their cover of ‘don’t let go’. After the release of said tracks, they’ve been pushed out of the spotlight. As a fan of both groups it’s hard to see some really talented ladies get kicked to the back of peoples mind while a new group debuts every week. Continue reading Battle of the Girl Groups: Bella vs Lady Collection

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