Block B Do U Wanna B?

I heard all the hype about this group, but I nenver got around to actually listening to any of their music. One of my favorite readers/ commenters aznsaranghae requested that I review this, so I will! Block B is a new 7 member boy band created by Cho PD. This group is a bit like what Supreme Team or Dynamic would be if they were paired with a group of singers. Continue reading Block B Do U Wanna B?


I’ve been out of the loop with all the new boy groups. I see their video’s on Omona, but honestly I’ve never been a huge boy group fan, most of the guy groups I like are underrated or focus strictly on the singing like 4men, Sweet Sorrow,etc. This was requested and I’m always game for listening to different artists. If you have any requests, click the box at the top of the page that says request and type out your artist and song or album. Continue reading X-5 XENOS

Interview with R&B singer, Boni

So as I wrote in my post about a month ago, I had the oppurtunity to interiew Korean R&B singer Boni. I have loved her voice ever since that famous Taeyang cover and her debut EP was superb in terms of a rookie singer; definitely on the list of rookie singers who were exceptional. So to make the interview flow nicely, I’m going to correct some of Boni’s English mistakes and the questions will be in bold. Continue reading Interview with R&B singer, Boni

f(x) Pinocchio

Many fans were excited for the Korean girl group f(x) to come back on the music scene after their 9 month hiatus with Chinese American member Amber. f(x)’s previous releases have been cute,fun and playful so far and with the release of their first album,Pinoccohio on April 20th,fans wanted something a bit more substantial and not so cookie cutter. f(x) showed their playful sound alright, one that deflated all the excitement I previously stated. Continue reading f(x) Pinocchio

4Minute 4Minutes Left

I received a request from Nana to review 4minute’s Heart to Heart, but since their full album was coming out later, I decided to review this instead. Let me just say I’m not a hardcore 4Minute fan; I do like some of their songs, but I get tired of their sound pretty quickly. With that being said, don’t think I’m bashing 4minute because they are pretty talented. 4MINUTES LEFT, released on 4.5.11, is 4minute’s 1st album. Continue reading 4Minute 4Minutes Left

Vanilla Acoustic 2nd Story: 두 번째 비

I remember exactly how I found out about this lovely group. It was back when I was still on WordPress as Saranghae…Kpop and I was surfing through my friends blogrolls. I clicked on Neko28 and that’s where I randomly downloaded the mini album and fell in love. This group is like the epitome of relaxing music and their covers are so great, check out their profile! Continue reading Vanilla Acoustic 2nd Story: 두 번째 비

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