IU Real

IU released her sophmore album, Real and to be honest, I wasn’t really going to review it, but I had nothing to do in class today, so I decided why not?

이게 아닌데/No, Not This starts off the album with a powerful sound, but after a while, the song starts to get boring. The song stays in this constant  tone and there isn’t any real definition of the verse and the chorus.느리게 하는 일/Slow is a gorgeous song that shows off IU’s voice. This reminds me of her original sound; I love this song. I want to hear her perform this on a program like Sketchbook ( I’m sure Yoo Hee Yeol will be more than happy to comply).

Honestly, when I first heard좋은 ë‚ /Good Day I was disappointed; it was like IU took two steps backward. After a few listen’s I decided the song wasn’t that bad, but unlike others it’s not my favorite track.

첫 이별 그날 ë°¤/Star on that Night’ goes with a more acoustic sound; the sound that made me a fan. The song is very relaxing and a breath of fresh air.혼자 있는 ë°©/alone in the room IU changes her style and goes for more of an R&B sound which I adore. This song was the only song that I genuinely liked after one listen.

미리 메리 크리스마스/Merry Christmas in Advance features MBLAQ’s Thunder and surprisingly their voices sound pretty good together. IU’s light, cute voice goes well with the bright, happy beat and Thunder’s rap flows well.

I loved IU’s first album, but this was a bit disappointing, but she totally made up for that with Slow and Star On That Night plus her amazing solo for Dream High OST. I’ll give this album a 3.7/5.

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