Hyunah Bubble Pop!


I cant say I’m hyuna’s biggest fan, but her music Is enjoyable.

Like majority of Cube Entertainment’s intro’s , Attention starts off the album with its fun, catchy lyrics and synth beats and doing exactly what it promises; getting you attention.Bubble Pop! as a song is quite cute,summer-y sounding and exactly what you’d expect to hear during the summer; overall light and fun. Now paired with the MV and this cute song has turned into a very hypersexual and awkward attempt to be sexy; it seems like Hyunah is uncomfortable with having to try and be sexy rather than it just coming out naturally, but it’s still pretty good.
Downtown ( featuring 전지윤) sounds like she’s trying too hard to sound sexy. But what an awkward Ji Yoon must be in since she was supposed to have her solo album last year and now she has to help Hyunah on her solo mini album; that’s not right on so many levels. The song isn’t anything spectacular,but I do like the chorus while Ji Yoon’s repeating ‘downtown’ and in the background someone belting out ‘downtown~’.
I really like/ borderline obsessed with A Bitter Day ( featuring 용존형 & G.NA) as a digital but it breaks up the flow of the rest of the album. I know its the unwritten rule of mini albums that there has to be a ballad-like track, but for the concept of the rest of the album, it could’ve just been a digital single. The album ends with Just 20110712-083818.jpgFollow ( featuring DOK2) which is definitely my favorite with Hyunah rapping. Can I just say: whoever helped you with your rapping skills, many kudos because the rapping that she usually does sounds like a jumbled mess. This song is very confident and has that swagger ( from DOK2) that just makes this song so fierce. Also, the transitions from English to Korean are flawless.

Personally, I’m not the biggest Hyunah fan, but she has talent(sometimes) and even though I think she gets way too much attention in 4minute, her mini album is pretty fly. I rate it 4.5/5!

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