Dalmation 1st mini album

I remember when Dalamtion debuted with the really corny spots. I’m glad they took a break to perfect their theme and sound. I enjoyed listening to their EP, I just never got around to reviewing it. Upon request, I am writing this 🙂 Enjoy !Lover Cop has a majestic sound with all the trumpets in the intro. This song isn’t the best, but it serves as a great intro for the album. It’s fun and playful; pretty good. ê·¸ 남자는 반대 is a really cute song ( that has an even cuter MV)! This is the song that the promoted on music shows. I know I might be alone on this, but it’s nice to see guys acting really sweet and cute especially as rookies.

Lost In Love has a infectious beat with smooth vocals and a nice rap. This song is like an instant favorite. I don’t know who’s singing the falsetto, but it’s not as annoying and it fits with the song. Really Really (Feat. 소현) reminds me of something that Far East Movement might make. This song is slower and more romantic; like a song for a girlfriend or wife.

Real Eyes is my favorite; it’s so “jazz lounge”. The group as a whole sounds so great and I would probably die if they sand this on a show like Sketchbook or Music Travel Lalala.
Homerun starts off as a slow song, but then it’s all downhill from there. The auto-tuned voices over an annoying electro-piano isn’t the best sound and sound too jumbled.
Round 1 (Bonus Track) was their debut single, the song wasn’t that bad especially for a new group. But their image didn’t really match the music, it’s like a mix of SHINee and Infinite but all over the place

Like I said ( er..typed) I really liked listening to majority of the EP. I think that if they stick to songs like Real Eyes and Lost In Love, I will keep listening to them. 3.7/5!

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