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Melody Says: JQ & Ga Yeon – 이상해 (Pit-a-Pat) [Loview Music Part 5]

JQ’s ending the summer on a lighter note as he releases a lovey-dovey song that has his fans swooning. His ability to spit great flow on bump worthy melodies is what he’s known for and he remixes it up a bit as he adds a bit his own vocals as well.

The songs are usually more intense, more dramatic with melodic flair so it’s fair to say that the song lacks some oomph to make it great. The first verse gets you interested to her more but the ending gets a repeat of the chorus that just seems to lag a bit too much. One of the few summer songs that won’t make it to the repeat pile however check it out below.

Navi Diary


I think Navi is a really great singer and her last single, ‘ Listen to the End’ had that rock sound very similar to Kelly Clarkson.

Her new single, Diary, shows off her vocals over a light beat and guitar accompaniment. This single is exactly what I’ve been wanting to hear: light, Spring-y type of music. I rate her single 5/5!

2PM Don’t Stop Can’t Stop

Here’s another collaboration! This time with Arie J and NyNy. I’m in the regular type and NyNy is italicized.

2PM released this mini album after the whole ordeal with Jay leaving the group. I honestly don’t remember this because I wasn’t really paying attention to K-pop at the time , I was more preoccupied with J-pop.

Despite what happened in February, 2PM still made a comeback against all odds. What can I say? They are brave. I come back from holiday and didn’t know what to say really. I guess they were going to make a comeback sooner but I would have expected it to be later this year.

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