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I have a surprise!

Guess what everyone? I have great news. 1) I do have a ton of new posts to upload and reviews that I wrote while I was away. 2) I’m gonna start reviewing drama’s and movies! The new site is titled K-drama express and here’s the link: I thought I would just keep things simple. Also I made an archive website for earcandy express. So look forward to my new posts and feature’s coming up on the site.

Welcome Melody!

Hey! Arie J here and I’m happy to announce the partnership on Bump This and Earcandy Express! Bump This editor, Melody isn’t new to the site as she worked on the special collaboration post for SHINee’s Lucifer album. She will have her own reviews featured on the site titled ‘Melody Says’ so check it out. Make sure you support her awesome site dedicated to Asian entertainment news.