Lyn Metro Sexy 7

I absolutely love Lyn’s voice; it’s like so sweet and rich. She released her mini album Part: Metro Sexy today, so I thought while listening on Jenpoo, I could write a quick review.

The album starts off with Love Me for Me, a soft song telling a significant other to just love her they way she is without all the bells and whistles. I totally love the message of the song; female empowerment at its best. I noticed that she included more English in the song and it’s refreshing to her from her, since most of her songs are mainly in Korean and it gives the listener a pretty good idea of what the song is talking about. Following the soft, ballad-like song is Me Myself, a jazzy tune also with more English talking about just being yourself. I’m sensing a theme here; it’s cool to be yourself.

전화해/Call Me relies on more a steady guitar sound; very light and spring like. This seems like a filler track and it doesn’t really stand out. Make It Rock (with 단비, 성현) comes in with a more dance/rock sound featuring DanBi and Sung Hyun which is like a song I would dance to with a group of girl friends, totally just having fun.

I’m totally digging Lyn’s new fetish with female empowerment and English in her songs; go Lyn! I rate this mini album 4/5!

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