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I love all types of music and expressing my love for the one thing that everyone is in tune with: music. Music brings people together and I feel the need to share my thoughts on the music.

Video Analysis: Super Junior ‘Mr. Simple’

Ahh Super Junior,I have a soft spot for this group. When those teaser photo’s were released, I was on the fence about what exactly they were trying to do with this song. Then the song was released and I thought the song was all over the place; a lot of repetion, but I found myself dancing to it after a few listens. Continue reading Video Analysis: Super Junior ‘Mr. Simple’

Artist analysis: Brown Eyed Girls

Brown eyed girls are one of my favorite girl groups; they are the ones who really started me in more of an r&b sound in Korean music when all I knew about were SNSD and SHINee; the idols. I stumbled across the group when they were promoting ‘You’ from their mini album My Style.

Obviously these girls are extremely talented,so I decided to disect each members voice using a cupcake analogy. Enjoy! Continue reading Artist analysis: Brown Eyed Girls

Beast Fiction and Fact

[I wrote this at the beginning of June, but I’m just now getting time to finish. Enjoy~]
Actually I didn’t even know Beast was making a comeback until I saw a link on Tumblr. I only listened to Fiction, but my cousin recommended that I listen to it because it’s apparently really good.

I only really listened to the really popular songs like Lights Go On Again, Breathe and Bad Girl because they just weren’t that interesting to me, but after watching the video for Fiction, B2ST became more appealing to me. Continue reading Beast Fiction and Fact