Beast Fiction and Fact

[I wrote this at the beginning of June, but I’m just now getting time to finish. Enjoy~]
Actually I didn’t even know Beast was making a comeback until I saw a link on Tumblr. I only listened to Fiction, but my cousin recommended that I listen to it because it’s apparently really good.

I only really listened to the really popular songs like Lights Go On Again, Breathe and Bad Girl because they just weren’t that interesting to me, but after watching the video for Fiction, B2ST became more appealing to me.

Beast have really developed with every new release. ‘Fiction and Fact’ is no different and actually surprised me. I also noticed that even their lyrics have started becoming more mature and slightly darker.

The album starts off with The Fact.This song has a laid back, lounge-y beat and it definitely gives off contemporary vibes. Compared to other singles, this is a step backwards in terms of good pop music, but it is a nice change for them. The lead track, Fiction, follows. I was expecting something like ‘Shock’ or ‘Breathe’, but Fiction surprised me. The song itself is mysterious with underlying intensity and suspense. They went for a more tame sound, than a ‘in-your-face’ sound, which I think is a great change for them.Back to You continues in this intensity in the intro then turns into a mid-tempo standard complete with the repetitive lyrics and catchy melody.

You made me love this album so much more. I mean not to say that the other songs weren’t great, but this song is incredibly sweet and the singing..I could die. But Dongwoon in the intro was just perfection to my ears.Freeze was unexpected; after all these intense songs and sweet lyrics I thought this would have a little bit of angst and it was the complete opposite; really light and fun.Virus follows being the opposite of the previous song; very catchy and gorgeous melody. Also I love the beat, really great song.불러보지만 (Though I Call) is a simple mid-tempo track and it’s better than what I was expecting; their voices sound really nice. This is probably the groups best ballad-type song.
So I’m just going to get this out of the way,비가 오는 ë‚ ì—” (On Rainy Days)‘s beat reminds me of Bi/Rain’s How To Avoid The Sun. With that out of the way, the song is pretty mellow and chill compared to previous tracks. There’s nothing really outstanding about the track, but a nice cleanser after heavier tracks.
With Lightless (Unplugged Version), I wasn’t expecting a true unplugged version because most times that means they just added or removed an instrument. I don’t remember this song from Lights Go On Again, but this sounds beautiful unplugged.We finish with Fiction (Orchestra Version), a nice revision of an already great song. I do love the strings and piano included; makes it sound even more hauntingly beautiful.

Well BEAST looks like I might have to become a B2ty…:) This is definitely,without a doubt their best album. This made me aware of them again and is in heavy rotation on my iPod. 4.8/5

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