2PM Hands Up 2nd Album


  I think majority of 2PM fans can agree with me that they were happy when the group released Hands Up, which was a huge contrast from the slew of depressing/heartbreak songs they had been releasing ever since Jay Park left. Hands Up is definitely a club anthem; its all about dancing, getting drunk and having fun. It’s great to see this side ,but as much as I love Chansung as a person, his parts in the song are way too much for him especially versus someone like Junho, someone who can actually sing, but whatever it’s done. Following Electricity,  which sounds really familiar to something someone like Rain or Usher might release. The song has an annoying beeping going on throughout the song, random bass thumps and awkward English ‘baby give it to me’ repeated;  this just wasn’t their song.

Give It To Me is the exact opposite of what you would think it would sound like; I was expecting a slow jam or R&B styled track, but I was surprised when I heard this Pop/old school R&B sound. There’s this R&B song that I can’t name at the moment that sounds pretty close to this so while I’m listening to this, I’m thinking of it. I do like one part of the song and that’s the rap. Not the best song, but listenable. 영화처럼 ends the R&B party with a piano led ballad. The song is actually better than what I expected, but there’s this random drum messing up the feel of the song. I think without that , this song could’ve been gold.

The beginning of 모르니 reminds me of a U-Kiss song; probably because of the playful sound. I’m guessing this is a cover because it sunds pretty dated as in mid-‘90’s. Not really a standout track and the album could’ve done without it. Hot starts off with chanting/talking with a layer of auto tune; I’m not really sure if I like it. The chanting continues into the first verse of the song. The beat is like runway music you might hear at a fashion show, paired with annoying auto tune. This song is all over the place and is just a big fat NO.

After that hot mess of a track, songs from Don’t Stop Can’t  Stop and Still 2:00pm follow (Without U, I`ll Be Back,I Can`t) so I’m including them in this review.

I’m not one for remixes( except the one’s on Sound G) and Hands Up (East4A Mix) is no exception. It’s a weird layer of latin music that doesn’t really fit with the song and makes the song annoying.Electricity (220v Remix) was already annoying, so I really don’t care for the remix either.

I find it odd that Thank You is the second to last track on the album; it should’ve been last, but whatever. It’s obviously fan service; just giving a quick shout-out to their fans.The album ends with their single Don`t Stop Can`t Stop from the same titled mini album.

I’m not a huge 2pm fan, I like them on variety shows, but music wise they’re ok. The album was also ok and I think a lot of the tracks could’ve been done without. I give this a 3.9/5

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