Video Analysis: Super Junior ‘Mr. Simple’

Ahh Super Junior,I have a soft spot for this group. When those teaser photo’s were released, I was on the fence about what exactly they were trying to do with this song. Then the song was released and I thought the song was all over the place; a lot of repetion, but I found myself dancing to it after a few listens.

Now the video is like a compilation of ‘Sorry,Sorry’,’It’s You’ and ‘Bonamana’ in terms of style.The begining starts off with the members spaced out, Kyuhyun leading the camera to a shot of the other members who are in slow motion a la ‘It’s You’. Synth beats start and the song starts. The dancing is a mix of ‘Sorry,Sorry’ and ‘Bonamana’; repetitive steps and a lot of bouncy-like steps.

Likes: I love how out of nowhere, BLOW YOUR MIND just changes the song and the video; that was cute. Also the intro with Yoo Yong Jin sing was pretty snazzy.

Dislikes: The dance break. Being a dancer myself I was anticipating an epic dance break, but 1) only four members?2) where was Shindong?  He can dance and 3) SM has a ton of money why can’t they get some backup dancers. Also, the lack of color was a bit disappointing especially with the crazy fashion they had going on in the teaser pictures.

I rate this video 2.5/5; it could’ve been worse and it definitely could’ve been better. Mr.Simple video was extremely simple; like we don’t have any money simple and this is SME! Let’s hope that the next video is better.

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