BRIGHT have to be my favorite J-pop girl group besides Tenjochiki. They have amazing voices and I’ll compare them to Korean group Big Mama because they have these amazing voices and can dance really well, but get such crappy songs.

I like that every album has the theme song. Theme of BRIGHT ~Real~ sounds like Nanaka feat. BRIGHT instead of just BRIGHT. I Like That has a Love & Joy ( from their Notes 4 You album) feeling to it, Love & Joy was my favorite track on the first album. A fun dance track; great way to begin the album. Next we flow in to the winter balladキライ…でも好き ~アイシテル~/Kirai..Demo Suki~ and not that I don’t like Nanaka, but this is totally her song feat. Mi-Mi. Nagi has a nice voice it’s just that her underbite is so prominent and Meg’s voice is really squeaky she relies on the others as a crutch.

Shining Butterfly reminds me of their dance intro for Sora Iro mixed with runway music. Fun song!

言葉にできなくて/Kotoba ni Dekinakute is the best song that BRIGHT has released. If they would have promoted it more, then maybe they would have gained some more success. This is like the song that can’t top any other songs . Most artists have this really amazing song and every other single after that is just okay because it is being compared to the really amazing.

Warm It Up (Interlude) is nice intro for Dance With Us filled with the girls singing ‘dance’. Dance With Us I love Mi-Mi’s low voice towards the end. I Know is a nice mid-tempo ballad. I think this song really compliments everyone’s voice . Mi-Mi and Nanaka’s voices balance eachother out, Mi-mi with the low and Nanaka with the high range. I have a feeling that this song about a girl’s boyfriend cheating on her and it’s really nice.

Secret reminds me of Super Junior’s ‘Sorry Sorry’ especially in the first verse and the repetitive saying of bounce. I would love to see them perform this live; it’s a fun track.
Feelin’ You super fun summer song that’s a change of pace from the gospeller group. It’s really cutesy and makes me want summer to last forever.

Promise You is another ballad like song. I don’t really like the xylophone , it ruins it for me, but other than that この曲大好き~~一番大好き~~(I love this song). 美女と野獣 (Bonus Track) this is a beautiful cover of Beauty and the Beast .They covered the song for the Disney’s Dream POP: Tribute To Tokyo Disney Resort 25th Anniversary album released in 2008, which featured additional covers by other Avex(?) artists including Koda Kumi, AAA, and Mihimaru GT.

Overall Review: I think this album was better than Notes 4 You(their first album) and hopefully they will continue to release songs and avex won’t give up on them. They just need a really good producer and writer to give them another good track.

Rating: 4.5/5

Recommended Tracks: All

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