BRIGHT In Harmony

I was wondering if BRIGHT was going to release Flower as a single and they made a nice mini album instead! I hope this will raise their rank on the Oricon charts.

Xiao Yun is a short intro ; nothing really interesting about it.

あの日の雨 is a beautiful ballad that shows off Mimi’s rich voice. Very peaceful and dream like.

Flower is another ‘Sweet’ song, and Mimi’s voice sounds a bit off, maybe the producer lowered the pitch of the girls voices or the key, but something is off, besides that minor flaw it’s a fun song.

Baby Sweet I thought my iTunes shuffled to T.O.N.Y (Solange Knowles) because of its ‘60’s beat. I like this song because you don’t really hear too many sweet songs without heavy synth of a rapper.

Shining Star sounds like Joyful Joyful and I was alway expecting them to add that into the song. It sounds very inspirational and fun.

Since I reviewed their second album Real, I’ll just repeat what was already said: キライ…でも好き ~アイシテル~/Kirai..Demo Suki~ and not that I don’t like Nanaka, but this is totally her song feat. Mi-Mi. Nagi has a nice voice it’s just that her underbite is so prominent and Meg’s voice is really squeaky she relies on the others as a crutch.

Brightest Star Acapella I thought the unplugged version of this song on their second EP (?) was my favorite, but they continue recording this song and remaking. I like this version,  Nanaka and Mimi’s voices shine throughout the song.

I’ll Be There Orchstra Ver. Is my least favorite; the original version is less than to be desired and a bland attempt at a ballad.

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