Brown Eyed Girls Your Story

Eyed Girls is a group that had such an amazing debut album.
Unfortunately their debut album,Your Story didn’t receive as much
love as they wanted and they revamped their sound, opting for a
electronic based sound.Your Story, released March 9,2006 , may not
have had that much success in 2006, but it is definitely on of the
best debut albums I ever heard.

세컨드 (Second) starts off the
album with a strong R&B, mid-tempo ballad. The emotion is
evident in the chorus from Ga-In’s raspy voice and the song
progresses from ‘I miss you, please come back’ to full on ‘I’m
going crazy without you’. Its fun to listen to their earlier work
because it really showcases how much they progresses
vocally.다가와서 (Come Closer) is their
debut song and also another R&B- type ballad. I think that
everyone who listens to this song will immediately fall in love. If
Second was the desperate phase of break up, then Come Closer is the
Hate stage. This song oozes hate from the first line sung by Ga-In
and the chorus sung by JeA. As the song continues the lyrics move
slightly back to that ‘I still miss you’ heard in Second.
Far Away (Feat. MC 몽) gives the
perspective from a man and a woman. You can pretty much understand
the lyrics with basic knowledge of Korean and the English. The song
is a girl saying ‘ let’s move on’ the guy who dumped her is all ‘
I’m in pain’ blah blah blah, but it’s an interesting song that is
still a mid-tempo R&B . 끈 is
another ballad that features a saxophone and soft drum beat. This
song is on the revenge side and darker than the rest of the album;
I really like this. Every Body (Feat. Big
is the first dance track.The intro is similar
to the intro of Tashannie’s ‘Caution’. The style is very disco,
almost like a earlier version of KARA’s Step, but on the
R&B side with better singing. 잊어가잖아
flows back in to the ballad. Unlike a lot of ballads
that have raps that sound out of place, Miryo’s rap is very somber
and drawn back that it works with the feeling of the song.
오늘은 그대와 하늘 위로 (Feat. Bobby Kim) is an
extremely cute song; no the singing is not cutesy aegyo( thank
goodness), but the lyrics are cute. The style is pop and still
keeps that R&B feel. Bobby Kim’s input is subtle so that he
doesn’t steal the spotlight from B.E.G and is still heard during
the chorus and towards the end of the song. This another track that
breaks up the ballads.넌 누굴 사랑하니?
Starts with an all English intro from Miryo followed by JeA leading
in the ballad. Ga-In follows with the second verse and then chorus;
this ballad is different from the previous tracks in that is a mix
of ballad and R&B, but the instrumentation includes more
than the horns and drum; this is a standout track because I think
their singing sounds exceptionally well. goes for more of
an pop sound but of course still keeps their R&B style . In
this song I noticed that Narsha is more present. This is a song is
like advice to another friend who was dumped. Basically dump that
jerk and don’t look back. 혼잣말 is yet
another ballad that also has Narsha in the front. This song is a
full on ballad; not R&B at all and it sounds nice. When I
first heard this song I immediately thought of Christmas, like
those kinds of delicate songs. 네가 오는 날
also continues in that delicate sounding ballad. The saxophone
really stands out and makes the song more cozy
sounding.Watch Out is an interesting
song, the style is pop. The beat is what makes it interesting; like
Middle Eastern instruments were used and that gives it a distinct
sound. 묻지 못한 이야기 isn’t a ballad, but
it might as well be. It’s another mid-tempo song that goes with
that jazz/R&B fusion sound.The lyrics are absolutely
amazing and I especially love the chorus and how they sing
it.이제야 비로소 사랑을 말할 수 있다 is ballad and
kind of follows that style that 혼잣말 did, with the delicate
sound.The album ends with Timing, an
upbeat jazz track that livens up the party. I can practically hear
how much fun they had making this song. Like I said, this is one of
the best debut albums that I’ve heard in a long time. Well then
again look at who it is, Brown Eyed Girls, women who know how they
want to sound and what goes well with their voices.Is it a
surprise that the best debut album is getting 5/5 ?

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