Hwayobi My All

Hwayobi blew everyone away with her amazing pitch and soulful lyrics at the early age of 18 when she first debuted. Her debut album, My All, released June 30,2000.

The album starts off with beautiful piano intro, with assumably Hwayobi playing, entitled Dream. Next, her debut single, Lie(Radio Version), shows off her range. The song is wonderful except for the bad English ‘I,for,you,that Lie’ , but who cares about the lyrics with a voice like that?
그런일은 power ballad with sounds reminiscent of Whitney Houston. Crazy Love has a funky beat and flare from the trumpets. There are a few voice acrobatics.바램 sounds like a Christmas song with the bells and piano. Shows off the pitch really nice

가시 has more fun sound with the strong beat and repetitive piano melody, more R&B feel with rock(guitar). Interlude (Gray) another piano interlude with vocals just music
Promise is a piano balled duet with Na-eul from Brown Eyes. Hwayobi’s powerful voice blends with Na-eul soulful voice.
Always is another piano ballad that’s very pretty but also boring.후 (後) has more of a sensual feel from the backbeat and that makes it a little interesting, just a little.
여기까지만 is also a ballad. It has a nice beat, but is once again boring.첫 사랑 makes Hwayobi sound so innocent, haha! She sounds so young and it’s not really an interesting track.

Lie (Original Version) don’t see the difference betwen this and the Radio version, but I do love this song.

Just because you have a good voice doesn’t mean that you have to just sing ballads. Hwayobi’s debut album was nice, but it would’ve been nice if there was more variety in style. I rate this 3/5.

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