Brown Eyed Girls Sixth Sense

Hey guys! How are you? Hope everything is going well for you. I’ve been busy filling out stuff for college and writing my first drama recap and being a senior in high school. Well I haven’t been too busy to get on tumblr and see Brown Eyed Girls gifs spam my dashboard, but I’m not complaining. Sixth Sense is definitely that spark that I needed to hear.
The album is jazz influenced with tons of horns and bass cello to become the soundtrack for any coffee lovers. Swing It Shorty (Intro) is a nice introduction into the album with a mysterious Big band that last for a little over a minute. Sixth Sense is such a strong song. It has a strong beat, the verses are very aggressively sung and that chorus is so over the top, but it works.The rap isn’t as there as I want it to be, but it still gives the song that extra kick. Hot Shot follows with a strong jazz sound like in the intro. The lyrics are really nice and I hope they make a short mini movie MV since the lyrics really tell a story. My favorite part is the ending when Ga-In says ‘hey keep the change’ and the sound of change clinking.

For more background information  about the MV read this article.

La Boheme leaves behind the jazz sound and goes for soft, summer-y feel. This song is different from anything I’ve heard and is pretty good, but it’s also forgettable.불편한 진실 (An Inconvenient Truth) sounds pretty similar to their sound from the first album ‘Your Story’ and Sunny Hill’s ‘Pray’ with the accordion. I like this ballad, it flows well with the album and the lyrics are pretty good. A lot of times, Miryo is left out of the ballad-esque songs, but she really pulls in this interesting quality to the song that doesn’t take away from the singing. Lovemotion brings up the tempo again with this Moody Night influenced song with that dark sound and light beeping in the background. One thing that I don’t really like about the song is the ‘nananana’; it’s like they couldn’t think of any words to go there.

Countdown(Interlude) is mainly JeA belting out some notes and introducing them as Brown Eyed Girls followed by Miryo ad libs and Narsha and Ga-In adding in a few lines.Vendetta finishes off the album with that mysterious sound from the Swing It Shorty intro. This sounds like something Shiina Ringo would sing if she ever made a crossover into the K-Pop music scene.

Sixth Sense was better than I thought it would be. I was growing wearing that they wouldn’t release anything this year. This album was like a compilation of all their sounds from ‘Your Story’, ‘Leave Ms. Kim’, and ‘Sound. G’. They always stand out and have such great concepts; 5/5.

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