SISTAR is one of those groups that get the short end of the stick. The songs they get aren’t really showing off all of their talent; most of the time it’s more like the Hyorin and the others show. As a group, they haven’t really been on my listening radar; most of their songs are just mediocre.

Let get the party started introduces the album, but if there was ever a need to make an intro longer, this is the time. It’s fun, filled with horns and beats that make pop songs good. The song is abruptly cut off tho go into the promotional track So Cool. In typical Brave Brother’s fashion, the track features voice filtering and auto-tune; this song isn’t anything special. Sure it’s better than the previous singles, but this is just lacking that ‘umph’ that good pop songs have.

Girls Do It starts with some synth beats that are quite similar to a 2NE1 produced track, then the song kicks it up with the chorus lead by Hyorin. This song wasn’t really uphill, but it really takes a downturn. The rap wasn’t needed and the crap chorus isn’t really making the song any better; it just sounds to “cheerleader”.
Follow Me has an awkward intro and while the beat sounds really retro-chic, the song is lacking lyrics that make me want to listen to this more than once. The chorus sounds pretty nice, but it just sounds like something that would be used as a commercial promo.

New World is another song that is pretty forgettable.I only like the intro with none other than Hyorin telling you to be confident and not give up. Rap sounds out of place and the singing isn’t anything spectacular. 약한 남자 ì‹«ì–´(Don’t Want a Weak Man) goes for mid-tempo ballad that sound pretty nice. It still sounds like Hyorin featuring SISTAR, but its a step up from annoying music with crap lyrics. The drawback is that they felt the need to add a rap to this song, NOT EVERY SONG NEEDS A RAP! 니까짓게(How Dare You) is another good track; it is fun, good beat that isn’t annoying, but it can become bland after more than 3 listens.

Over is that direction that I wish KARA would’ve kept; that R&B/hip-hop sound. The rap seems a little better, but all the ad libs aren’t necessary.And good for Soyu getting her own mini spotlight. I reviewed Oh Baby on their debut EP, but it’s still the same; it’s better but it’s not their best. 가식걸(Shady Girl) was pretty good espcially in terms of productions and the singing can become annoying.

Push Push is just one of those songs that I will never like; it’s annoying and not my type of song. Ma Boy (Speicial Ver.) was already a great pop son; fun, catchy and a gorgeous middle-8. This version includes the other member of Sistar which I was slightly skeptical on how it would sound since Hyorin and Bora were made for the song. The chorus and rap are still led by Hyorin and Bora, the other members are in the verses, but aren’t as strong as Hyoring. It sounds like they are singing on background mics, like they are washed out. The middle-8 is sung by SoYu sounds pretty close to Hyorin.

Majority of this album sounds the same; Brave Brothers I wasn’t really expecting a lot, but less than half of the album impressed me. 2.5/5

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