Brown Eyed Girls Leave Ms. Kim

In September 2007, Brown Eyed Girls released their 2nd album ‘Leave Ms. Kim’.Sticking with their R&B/ballad style, the album didn’t do so well. The music was good but it just didn’t click with audiences.Source) Well it certainly clicked with me; I’m a sucker for R&B; this album delivered some solid tracks like 너에게 속았다 and How Could I Love You.

남자는 없다 (Feat. 영지)/There is No Man feat. Young Ji starts off the album with a jazz band followed by a funky beat. Miryo hypes up the song followed by Je-A, Narsha and Ga-In singing. Young Ji adds her powerful vocals to the track. The style of the song is like something that would be heard in Austin Powers Gold Rush; just a fun song that makes you dance and a great way to start off the album. ë‚´ê°€ 웃고 있어요 (가인)/I’m Laughing is Ga-In’s solo track and is so different from her solo release last year; it’s a bittersweet song about missing the one you were once with, but smiling despite the pain. I think this song

Brown Eyed Girls-You Deceived Me by mcnugget

떠나라 미스김 /Leave Ms. Kim is a funky disco track . Miryo really livens up the track with her English and Korean adlibs as well as her rap. This is just a fun track, very different from what I thought it would be based on the title. 술래/Tagger is another song that I though would be different from it’s title.Tagger is a mid-tempo song with basic instrumentation that reminds me of Hwayobi’s Lie from her first album; that soft R&B sound. Noticeably absent is Miryo; it’s just JeA, Narsha and Ga-In.Now the song that really made me a fan,너에게 속았다 /I Got Fooled By You. This song is R&B done right with just the right instrumentation and lyrics that really capture you and bring you in for a journey.

하필이면 /Why of All Things slows things down; a ballad that Miryo’s in. I like that with or without her raps, the song doesn’t sound awkward. The chorus is pretty weak compared to the rap, in fact that’s the only part of the song that I really like. 오아시스 (Feat. 이재훈)/Oasis feat. Lee Jae Hoon is a fun, summer-y song with a bouncy beat that makes you feel happy; this song sound like filler material. I just feel like they wanted to try something cute, but I’m not feeling this. 눈부시게 좋은 ë‚  /Dazzingly Good Day is another ballad; I like this more than Why of All Things. They definitely put more thought into this song. It’s pretty simple also like Why of All Things, but doesn’t feature Miryo. Triangle sounds more similar to their experimental work; I can see this working for a drama soundtrack or the like. The beat is very eccentric and stands out from the R&B based album. 최면/Hypnosis goes back to the R&B; it’s contemporary and I can definitely see this working as an English track. The harmonies are out of this world.

내꺼야/Mine is such an adorable song. This is the way they should do cute; still showing off their voices, but not giving up what works for their voices. If you can’t tell from the title, this song is about a girl saying you’re mine. The album ends with How Could I Love You has such an amazing intro; the girls are acapella with JeA leading the song. The song adds in a beat about 3/4 the song and personally I think it sounded better in acapella. The girls control their voices and don’t do a lot of crazy runs which is greatly appreciated.

Leave Mrs. Kim may not have been You Story, but it was incredibly close. I only didn’t like about 2 songs and the rest of the album was amazing. They never seem to just release material just to still stick in people’s minds; they actually think about what they are releasing and trying new things. I give this 4.8/5

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