Brown Eyed Girls Vol.3 – Sound G Repackage

01 Sign – Two words: Amazingly Addicting. dot dot dot dot dot. The beat, the lyrics, the rap, everything makes this song soo good. The lyrics are very deep and set up with a wicked beat and chorus amd Je-a has more attention on her this song. I’m in love. (MV)
02 잠에 취해 – A very beautiful song, reminiscent of the ‘Leave Ms. Kim’ days. This really shows off the girls vocals along with a strong rap from Miryo. This song is very relaxing. It reminds some of ‘Winner Takes All’-ABBA, but I’m just not hearing it. Anyways good song.
03 Abracadabra (Fraktal Voodoo Remix) – This remix has a total club beat that makes you want to bounce and do the infamous ‘arrogant dance’.
04 Sign (Junjaman Remix) – As if it wasn’t already addicting enough, they add this kind of funky beat ala Madonna’s Hung Up. It’s a great remix.

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