I’ve been out of the loop with all the new boy groups. I see their video’s on Omona, but honestly I’ve never been a huge boy group fan, most of the guy groups I like are underrated or focus strictly on the singing like 4men, Sweet Sorrow,etc. This was requested and I’m always game for listening to different artists. If you have any requests, click the box at the top of the page that says request and type out your artist and song or album.Xenos 5 (Shout Out By Rhymer) is an annoying intro track. Personally I feel that intro’s are pointless and don’t really add anything to the EP. Except for 4minute’s For Muzik, that was one intro that I absolutely adored without having to listen to MUZIK.

쇼 하지마 reminds me of something that 2PM might release; definitely has that Again and Again/I Hate You sound with their way of singing the verses. The beat is also slightly similar.I’m not saying that they flat-out copied them, but when you’re a rookie you don’t want to be compared to another group.; you want your sound to be unique and fresh, something that the public hasn’t heard before. Fantasy sounds interesting in the beginning; a electro/ R&B sound that is alright. Then they had to mess it up with the all auto-tuned chorus and sounds throughout the song. Plus the rap is so annoying that after one listen I wanted to punch this group in the face, but I’m not that mean.

I plowed on and the last track ë‚´ 눈 앞에 띄지 마, is actually pretty good. It’s a mid-tempo song . One of the singers has a staccato singing style similar to Wheesung. I actually like this song; it’s not bad.

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