Interview with R&B singer, Boni

So as I wrote in my post about a month ago, I had the oppurtunity to interiew Korean R&B singer Boni. I have loved her voice ever since that famous Taeyang cover and her debut EP was superb in terms of a rookie singer; definitely on the list of rookie singers who were exceptional. So to make the interview flow nicely, I’m going to correct some of Boni’s English mistakes and the questions will be in bold.

What made you choose Boni as your stage name?
Korean pronunciation is hard. When I made up my mind to be a R&B singer,
my name must be changed. Bo Kyung Shin doesn’t fit. [I wanted to] make [my name] smooth and soft, fit perfectly with genre haha 😉 Hmm.. u guys agree with that “Boni” sounds like this way?

What artists would you like to work with?
T(Yoon Mi Rae), Jung In in Korea. T is female rapper and also singer. She’s really famous, I’ve never worked with female rapper (She got strong voice and feelings but emotional though)And I try to make deep funk soul with Jung In. She got the groove and voice. Even thinking making my heartbeat faster. And if I could get a chance to work with foreign artist, Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins (OMG! He’s my idol!) and Underdogs (Their sounds…awesome! lost my words the sequence of playing)

What artists inspired you to sing R&B?
Tamia, Destiny’s Child, TLC, Beyonce (especially the 1st solo album; Dangerously in Love), Blackstreet. These artists giving me the msg about the definition of groove;emotional, rhythmic expressions.

What made you want to become a singer?/What made you start singing?
Since I [could] walk with my own legs ;-D haha! Joke! Cause’ I’d love to sing in front of people so much. but was just “Like & Love”.At the first time, I didn’t mean to. I wasn’t sure of pretend to be Fine always as celebrity do.Singer is also celebrity and star. I hate acting, haha 😀 But there was a motivation to determine to be a singer,I lost my voice so baaaaad cause got cold. When I was 17. The doctor said that I must stop talking for awhile, until recover.But I couldn’t stop, [I] had to sing in any wise. And that is the reason I become a singer now. When I lost my voice, it feels like lost my world. [I] Kept wanting to sing. And I really did. So am keep singing like this. haha 😀

What song was your favorite to record for 1990?
In the 2nd album? Track 2, <무엇이라도>. in English, <I will do anything>. That’s my faaaavorite one!I’ve never make my sound softly before. Never tried. It’s funny, tried to control myself through this song, and it made sense eventually. Practiced a lot. In conclusion, was soooo Gooood 😀

What is the song 1990 about?
You know, ’90s was the Golden age of R&B. We tried to remake the sounds perfectly.
Well.. I don’t know, I felt the ’90s, when I monitored. Do you agree? 😉

Is it difficult trying to balance school and your singing career?
Not that difficult, because I taking off this year from school for work. Cool huh? XD
But sometimes I miss my classmates so much T..T

Your English is really good. Would you ever consider crossing over to the U.S.?
Umm.. You guys should know this, I’m searching dictionary at this moment. hahaha XD
Want to show you guys my picture right now. Ok, let me be serious. Yes, I’m considering.
Keep talking with my company how to figure it out. We have to prepare for all the ways to do music in the U.S.

What other genres of music would you like to try?
Modern rock. I loved Avril Lavigne’s 1st, 2nd albums. And Maroon 5, Green Day.
Wow. I love !! and Funk !! with Big bands. like Raphael Saadiq.
T.O.P is my t.o.p also. (Tower of Power is my top haha ;D)

Your mini album, Nu One, gained a lot of attention. What was your favorite song to record?
<ResQ Me> I tried to make real slow jam in Korea. and I made it. that’s the song.
The song making in the mood to feel love. Too good to be my song. The most great song I record ever!

Do you have any plans on releasing a full length album maybe later this year?
Yes! Definitely. I’m working on it. You guys can listen in this year !!
I hope ya’ll like it !! 😀

What message would you like to leave for your international fans?
Hello guys ! Thanks for loving my music and me. Just keep love me and eyes on me in this way as always! I will try to be a lovely girl and beautiful woman and a singer. I won’t let you guys down 🙂

Make sure you support Boni and purchase her EP’s Nu One and 1990 from Yesasia,ebay, or whatever store that sell asian music. Many thanks to Boni and her entertainment company. I hope that you enjoyed the interview and that we can have many more to come.

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