Son Dambi- The Queen

Son Dambi returned to the music scene after a successful run with ‘On A Saturday Night’ with her 2nd mini album The Queen on July 8,2010.

The mini album starts with db Rider, a pop song with a flare of trumpets and some unknown rapper. The way Dambi’s voice sounds doesn’t make the song very appealing and makes the song annoying.

The title track queen, faced some controversy for plagiarizing Ke$ha ‘Tik Tok’ and the MV looked very similar to Alice In Wonderland. The intro with the piano is nice and maybe if the song was just acoustic with the piano only, then I might like the song. Dambi has a nasal voice and so when you strain your voice, it gets whiney. Whiney makes me not like the song, but I find myself singing the repetitive ‘wake up’ hook at random hours of the day. The talk-singing is not my thing and we know she can sorta hold a not, so that’s disappointing.

Beat up by a girl, written by fellow label mate Gahee/Kahi(After School), is a nice attempt at pop-rock. Produced way better than queen, but still not enough to make me like it.

Dambi attempts to slow things down with a mid-tempo ballad, Can’t U See. Finally a real song. I knew you could sing girl, get better songs and less auto-tune. The repetitous ‘hey’ in the background definitely made me not like this song, but it’s better than the other songs.

Super Duper has a techno beat with a sultry feel. I actually love this song and this would have been a better title track; laid back , but still with some edge.

This mini album has two tracks worth listening to, Can’t U See and Super Duper. I thought after her last song, she would have an even stronger comeback, but I was disappointed. I can only hope that next time things will be different.

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