B1A4 Let’s Fly

Like I said in my X-5 review, the recent influx of boy groups hasn’t really impressed me. I tend to skip over any news with new artists unless I hear them on Asian Pop Addict or read about them on a whim. This was requested by aznsaranghae.

There are some pretty interesting things about this group and their debut EP such as:

  • Lee Sangho, who created hit songs for idol groups like Beast, T-ara, F.T Island, C.N Blue, and Lee Seunggi , is the main producer of this album.
  • Im Sanghyuk (Beast’s main songwriter) and Jeon Dawoon (K.Will’s main songwriter)  also participated alongsideWheesung (as lyricist)
  • members Jinyoung was directly involved in songwriting and BARO took charge of the overall rap-making of the album

O.K reminds me on TVXQ’s Keep Your Head Down especially in the intro. The group sounds like a mix of CN Blue and Infinite; pop rock and a little rap thrown in. This song is alright, but it sounds pretty simple and generic, nothing really stands out in this song. Remember follows and enters with a good chunk of English, but just like the previous song this song is pretty forgettable.

못된 것만 배워서 / Only Learnt the Bad Things is like really chill and a really good mix of pop and r&B. The beat is subtle, the vocals are nice and in harmony and the rap is refreshing. Bling Girl sounds like another generic song; nothing about this song really appeals to me and sounds like the cutesy song that a lot of male groups do. The album ends with Only One a “ballad” if that’s what it can be called. I really love when groups slow things down and let the listener really hear their voice. These boys are obviously talented and this song shows that off really well.

B1A4 are pretty unique especially since they have creative control over their songs. Their sound is like a mix of underground and mainstream, so I wonder how the fans will respond to this is Korea. They are definitely on my watch list. 3/5.

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