Ga In step 2/4

Ga In is the second member of  Brown Eyed Girls to go solo. step 2/4 is her debut mini album. While her other solo member, Narsha, went for more of a pop sound, Ga In’s debut mini album is heavily influenced with elements of Latin music and dance.
Nitchell (Baby-G Mix) set’s the tone for the entire album. It is an instrumental featuring a piano and violin with Ga In singing towards the middle of the song. Intro tracks usually are pointless, but this was a great way to give a preview of what the rest of the album will sound like. The title track, 돌이킬 수 없는/Irreversible, continues with the Latin influence starting with the accordion in the intro followed by Ga In’s desperate, breathy vocals. I can see why this was picked as the title track: it’s sophisticated and her voice shines with the contrast in her pitch in verses and chorus.

Tango The Night has a lighter feel than the previous songs. The songs starts of with guitar followed by an accordion and horns. I love the way Ga In sings the chorus with her breathy vocals. Esperando is like a remixed tango featuring narration in the intro from a man followed by Ga In’s singing. Her singing sounds a bit more blocky but it goes with the song. 가인 (歌人)/Ga-In (Song) also features narration in the intro and sounds almost like a more upbeat version of the previous song. It’s an okay song. The album finishes off with 진실/Truth. Truth has almost the same instrumentation but this sounds like it was remixed with different lyrics. I prefer Irreversible.

I love Nega Network’s production team, they really think of their concepts and this was executed 110%.  This was defenitely never done in K-pop and while most groups opt for the ‘sexy’ concept, this comes across as more mature than childish. I  rate this 5/5.

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