Hwayobi Soul Saver

Hwayobi shows her  improved vocals in the 13 tracks of her 4th album. Soul Saver features covers of  Yuki Koyanagi’s Anata No Kisu Wo Kazoemasho/You were mine and Park Hyo Shin’s hit single Babo/Fool. Also totally off topic, but this is our 100th post! Wow we love writing…Okay finish the review 😀

언제라도 starts off the album with a sweeping ballad show casing Hwayobi’s deep voice. This song just sounds like it goes on forever, it can get a little boring after more than one listen. ì—°ê·¹ follows, also showing hwayobi’s breathy vocals and high pitch. 당신과의 키스를 세어보아요, the title track, reminds me of Mariah Carey, especially the intro. This song is also pretty, but very boring. It has the climax, but it doesn’t really fill me with emotion or anything.

Dandelion brings in more of an R&B sound with the beats that kick in at the intro. I like that the verses are almost like a whisper and then the chorus is high pitched. 12시 5분 follows in the same pattern as the previous track, but this is way more fun and groovy. This is my favorite track on the entire track. Dryflower calms things down with a slow R&B track featuring a guitar paired with the songstresses strong vocals. The beat sounds very tango and sultry.The Interlude mixes the sense of danger and urgency with violins and random sounds.


겨울나비 continues in that urgent tone that the interlude had. This song has more of a R&B sound and features a rapper whose name I don’t know. This definitely sounds like something made in the early millennium. I’ll Be Your Fool reminds me of a gospel song that my grandma might sing at church; I can hear the heavy influence of blues. I really like it.  맑음 ë’¤ 흐림 has a very bright, cheery sound.  It is a duet with someone, and it sounds gorgeous.

She did a good cover of Park Hyo Shin’s 바보. I would love to hear both of them sing this now, I’m sure it be amazing. Here is another pointless Interlude, it feautres Hwayobi singing acapella, but it does serve as a good intro for the last track, Maze. I think it’s hilarious that Maze is ending the album with an upbeat feel.

Some track I could’ve done without, but this was an okay album from Hwayobi. I only like about five tracks, but I definitely recommend this if you are a Hwayobi fan. I rate this 3.8/5!

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