4minute For Muzik

4minute debuted last year with the ‘candy funk’ image. They were quickly compared to 2NE1 for their style, but I mean everybody had the same sound and style last year. I didn’t really care for their debut track; Hyun Ah’s voice isn’t made for singing. miss_vicky requested that I post some more on the group, so this is for you chicka!

I don’t what it is with Cube Ent. and these freaking intro’s! They are usually better than the actual song that they introduce and that’s the case with For Muzik. I played this more than Muzik. Muzik is infused with a ton of autotune, but this song is a total step up from Hot Issue and I love jamming to it while I’m washing dishes or cleaning. This is the album’s best song.

Hot Issue, the groups debut single, isn’t my favorite track. Actually I can’t stand it. Their voice’s sound too… not real. I was so happy when they stopped promoting this hot mess. Finally I can hear their voices and not machine! What A Girl Wants shows off more personality. I don’t really like this song, but it’s better than Hot Issue.

웃겨 (Funny) sounds so different from the 4minute now, but I kinda like this. It does remind me of Brittney Spears,but this has it’s own thing going on. Not something that I would listen to repeatedly but it’s a nice change. 안줄래 (Won’t Give You) was banned for a line in the song that I don’t agree with, but whatever. I do like this slower tempo song, it’s good to hear them really sing. I was surprised when I heard Hot Issue (Remix). It’s a nice reggae beat and then around 2:20 the beat changes. The remix is way better than the original.

I wasn’t really all that impressed with 4minute’s debut single, but this mini album was an okay debut. Luckily they stepped up their game and got some better tracks and even started promotions in Japan. I rate this 3.5/5

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