Adele 21

British sensation, Adele released her sophmore album 21 in the U.S. February 22,2011. The British songbird continues with her soulful style and deep lyrical content. If you haven’t heard of Adele you are missing out on a true gem.

‘Rolling In The Deep’, the title song and promotional song for the movie I Am Number Four, is a mix of blues and R&B with a pounding drum and piano combination throughout the song. The song shows off Adele’s powerful voice which is something that most 21 year olds can’t do. OneRepublic’s lead singer, Ryan Tedder contributed in the writing process for ‘Rumour Has It’ a more upbeat, foot-tapping song with an addictive beat. The coo’s from the back up singers and the grungy sound of the guitar adds a solid blues sound. The slowed down sound during the middle 8 is gorgeous.

‘Turning Tables’ slows things down with it’s dramatic piano and swelling violins, but it’s really short. It almost feels like an interlude than a full song. Nevertheless it is gorgeous.’Don’t You Remember’ features heartbreaking lyrics about reminiscing over a past relationship. Adele’s voice paired with the simple arrangement

‘Set Fire To The Rain’ is a song that surprised me; it starts off slow like a catepillar and then blossoms into this masterpiece. The song is mid-tempo and is reminiscent of a rock anthem; the piano definitely adds more of a lighter sound than the promotional track, ‘Rolling In The Deep’. He Won’t Go follows with more of a jazzy sound. The song is a little overdramatic with the lyrics and the way the chorus is sung,but a catchy song to listen to.

Take It All goes back to that gospel sound with just a piano and a choir. Her voice is more raw and the depth of her voice comes through. I’ll Be Waiting has a retro sound; like something maybe made in the ’60’s. It also sounds like a gospel song, but more upbeat and light.

One and Only sounds like it could be a continuation of ‘Don’t You Remember’ at least the piano in the intro. The song is like a mix of blues and gospel. Then she takes her own spin on The Cure’s ‘Lovesong’. The song is very lazy and laid back, Adele’s vocals are very controlled and the song is easy to digest after the previous tracks were more R&B, this is more Jazz. The album ends with ‘Someone Like You’, which is very reminiscent of ‘Hometown Glory’ from her first album 19. What a great journey of being totally heartbroken with Rolling In the Deep and ending with acceptance. I rate this 5/5.

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