2LSON Hocus-Pocus

2LSON is a trio comprised of Noel, Jason and LE who debuted with the single I GO for the Special OST, click here for the link.

Their debut single Hocus-Pocus features the title track Hocus-Pocus, a mid-tempo R&B track with a good amount of English that makes sense for the most part and compliments the song.I guess the MV goes with the song, since the girl is mixing a “potion” to be with a guy and that goes with the whole hocus pocus theme. The song has gained a lot of attention as the YongSeo couple’s song playing during their wedding shoot pictures.

I’m in Love follows with a more mellow and slow tempo. This song is completely in English and despite not being able to understand a few words, the song makes sense and is really nice. The EP ends with an English version of Hocus-Pocus titled Wish For You which makes more sense than Hocus-Pocus with all the ‘wishin’ I can have you’ throughout the song.

Overall I really liked Hocus-Pocus and that’s it. I feel like they want to show off their English skills, but maybe if their songs didn’t sound so similar then this would’ve probably been on my iPod for a long amount of time. I give this EP a 2.5/5.

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