Hwayobi Ninteen Plus One

After her debut album, Hwayobi continued with her second album Ninteen Plus One. The album is less ballad-y and more fun which is great especially since she was 20 when she wrote this, she should be having fun.

운명 has this feature during the song that masks her voice and it doesn’t compliment her voice, in fact it make her sound whiny, not good. The track was fun,but not my cup of tea.
눈물/Tears MV is the popular track that Hwayobi’s known for and I know why. This is like how Lie made her first album so popular; it shows off her vocal range with a fresh sound that I think is a Spanish guitar.
아침이 온 것 처럼 has this sing/chant thing as the chorus throughout the song that would seem annoying in any other song, but it works in this song. This song shows off the deepness of Hwayobi’s voice and the beat is more laid back and lazy; it just works. 난 (難) continues in that sort of light singing. I do like the simpleness of this song, but after a few listens it can get boring so listeners pace yourself with this one.
ê³ ë°± reminds me of a song my parents like; totally disco/groovy/ dance type of songs. The song is quite fun and I would’ve been happier if this started off the album. I Need Your Love is a bit more jazzy than the other tracks; more sensual and romantic. I could totally imagine the video for this song with someone sipping a glass of champagne and eating strawberries.다짐 is another slower song, but the beat is lighter. I don’t really like the way she sings some of the notes, like she drags the notes out and it sounds weird. I don’t like this song at all, it sounds like something I would hear on the elevator at the mall. 자존심 isn’t a very good attempt of this hip-hop/R&B mix. Honestly, whoever wrote this song for her should be fired because it’s not flattering for her voice at all. EDIT: I just realized who it sounded like Aaliyah!! They were trying to sound like Aaliyah,but failed.

Forever I really like the sweeping emotion all in this song. It’s very drama OST( soundtrack) sounding and I absolutely adore good ballads and this is one. Fly, Fly… totally messed up my mood of sweeping emotion and it’s just bland. This song is like seaweed , I mean sure it’s okay by itself, but when you add the rice and tuna, then you have tasty sushi and for me this was the bland seaweed.

All For Your Love is more of a cutesy track like it could possibly be on a drama or commercial for like cupcakes or something. The song once again, isn’t my cup of tea but it’s fun to listen to. Seraph is gorgeous ballad that finishes off the album, very old school Mariah Carey of her; I love the choir as the back up it sounds great.

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