KARA 3rd Mini Album

KARA shed their cutesy ‘Honey’ images with the trending “sexy black” concept for their 3rd mini album, Lupin, which is French for thief. What I don’t understand is why does sexy have to be associated with the color black. Why can’t red or white be considered sexy? Anyway back to the album review.

The album starts of with Tasty love, a generic pop song with an 80’s beat; makes me feel like watching a musical. There’s nothing really all that great about this song; it’s true to the original ‘Pretty Girl’ days.

루팡(Lupin)starts off with strong synth beats; it’s catchy and very Kpop. I don’t Lupin is a bad song, but it’s not their maximum potential. Maybe the next comeback will be more successful.

Umbrella really reminds me of the Rock U, especially to beat; I started to the dance to it. Very sugary pop and I love the attempt at Nicole rapping it’s still cute.

I cannot stand Rollin’. It’s pushing to the cute factor for me just a bit too much, I mean really ‘Rolling love, rolling cake, Rolling kiss, rolling dance’. Who wrote this a 5 year old, even then I’m sure they could do a better job.

Lonely shows off the the girls vocals and I actually think it’s a nice song. It shows off the girls vocals nicely without making them sound like their straining to hit a note and reminds me of an OST song. I think Seungyeon’s voice has matured and she can control it better now, as well as Nicole she sometimes sounds nasally and she controlled it this time. Gyuri showed strong opening and closing that were powerful yet not overbearing.


Overall Review: 3/5

Please give these girls something to work with other than cute because last time I checked, this album was supposed to be fierce and sexy and all we got was Lupin. I think that if they get better writers and come back with a really strong concept, then they will reach the Mirotic status.

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