Hwayobi Vol.3 Because I Love You

I had so many potential posts saved as drafts from last year. I meant to publish this is November 5,2010! Can you believe that? Well, at the time I was tired of listening to the same thing all the time, so I just took a break from my go-to genre, R&B.

So I had some free time after school and that’s why there’s like a huge load of reviews being published today. I hope you enjoy my review of Hwayobi’s third studio album, Because I Love You released in 2002.

It’s Alright starts off the album with a rain filled intro. The song is all in English and her pronunciation sounds pretty good. Hwayobi’s soft vocals flow over the piano and harp, but I do get tired of it after a while since she sings in such a high pitch. 어떤가요 follows with a simple piano melody. Her voice almost sounds like she crying and it makes me wonder what the lyrics are saying.Beautiful song nonetheless.

On & On has this kind of twang in the beginning that reminds me of something Destiny’s Child might have sung in the late ’90’s. (I’m sorry if I compare majority of the CD to the late ’90’s , but that’s the music I grew up with and thats the sound that I can most accurately descirbe it as. ) The song itself isn’t all that special; it’s mostly the back-up signers singing the same thing with Hwayobi adding little ‘oohs’ and ‘ahh’s’ here and there.
도움 is more laid back and has HWayobi singing in a high pitch  the entire song. The beat is very sensual and club feeling; it’s an okay track to listen to if your just bored,but once again nothing special.


이런밤 isn’t a ballad, but it’s slower and reminds me of maybe a contemporary gospel song/ Christmas song. I do prefer Hwayobi’s slower songs to the R&B one’s because I feel like her voice can be heard more clearly with all the extra layers of voices. 사랑은…(listen above) is another slow song with a slight rumba sound. I do like this song too; probably my favorite from the entire album and her voice is really clear.

끝이 보일때쯤..

I can’t really put my finger on it, but something in Give Me Yo Mind! reminds me of a BoA song. It is a fun song that makes me feel happy and want to get up and just dance around and not give a care.끝이 보일때쯤..(press play above) almost continues where 사랑은 left off, like a continuation of the song. I especially love the simple arrangement, just her voice paired with an acoustic guitar; it’s gorgeous. I don’t like the intro of If. I feel like it takes away from the feel of the song and makes me feel detached. Her voice is pretty as always, but this song does nothing for me, just another slow song. 사랑은 하잖아 also has this rumba feel, it’s an okay track for maybe slow dancing, but to just listen to it isn’t something that I would do.

I Can’t Never…
Change changes the pace with another dance-y track. It reminds me of the S.E.S song Just A Feeling, like fun and party time. Okay first things first, I Can’t Never… is a double negative. Just kidding I felt really scholarly because I remembered what a double negative is and besides whoever wrote the song probably know like a handful of English so they could care less what a double negative is. I do think this song is very epherial and dream like; what a great way to end the album!

Overall I was somewhat pleased with this album, there were a few gems here and there, but there were also quite a few tracks that just felt like fillers. This album just wasn’t cohesive; it was too all over the place and feel that if the tracklist was in a different order, I wouldn’t feel so all over the place when listening to it.  I give this a 3.5/5, it could’ve been better way better.

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