Shiina Ringo Sanmon Gossip

(*Requested by )I didn’t know who Shiina Ringo was before this so I did what any normal person would do-I Googled her and found that she used to be in a rock/jazz band Tokyo Jihen (translated it means Tokyo Incidents). Sanmon Gossip /Superficial Gossip is Shiina’s fourth album as a solo artist and debuted at #1 with 120,446 units sold.

Sanmon Gossip has elements of Jazz, Broadway and R&B. I am absolutely in love with everything in 流行. The deep voice of Mummy-D from Rhymester is a nice intergration of jazz and hip hop. The good times keep rolling with 労働者.密偵物語 in a British 70’s style in the English track from Shiina and is quite fun. Shiina belts out the tale of a globe-trotting super spy out to stop a villain named Dr. Bow. Despite the incomprehensible English, I feel this song really shows off her personality.○地点から, a favorite of mine and probably the best track on the album. Shiina’s vocals take a laid back feel and the instrumentation really carries this song.

カリソメ乙女 has  a big band style complete with trumpets and drums. Shiina’s raspy voice really shines over the loud instruments. 都合の好い身体 is very theatrical and sounds like something from a musical or something that might be heard on Broadway. This song is a bit more whimisical with the flutes, little chimes here and there and her way of singing. æ—¬ is more serious following the whimsical song previously. The song is lead by piano and introduces a small amount of percussion. I like this infusion of jazz and ballad.
二人ぼっち時間 has a light cheerful feeling and reminds me of something that would be on a show possibly in the ’70’s in a sitcom.マヤカシ優男 is another English track that infuses jazz and Latin rhythms. 尖った手口 is  more of Shiina’s rock sound mixed with electronica and I thought I would hate it, but actually this is a really good mix of the two genre’s. 色恋沙汰 also follows the track 8, with it’s light and cheery feel. 凡才肌 has a ‘French sound with the accordion. Shiina’s voice sounds strained towards the end, but overall pretty okay song. 余興 goes back to Shiina’s roots with a rock sound and it’s simple. 丸の内サディスティック (EXPO Ver.) is a wonderful song. I adore the acapella intro and Shiina’s voice is so beautiful.

Sanmon Gossip is the perfect blend of different genre’s and style’s of music. Honestly I’m so happy Mr. Dynamite recommended her to me because she is a true gem. I can’t think of any other artist that I have listened to that make an album this diverse while still staying true to themselves. This gets 5/5!

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