Seo In Young Lov-Elly

Lov-Elly is Seo In Young’s first solo album since officially leaving Jewelry released on June 6, 2010. She sheds her image of only singing dance song and expresses another side of her voice that was hidden away. The album features four other songs including the emotional ballad “Write Love Sing Pain” composed by Park Keun Tae.

The album opens with a cover of Park Sun Joo’s “잘가요 로맨스/Goodbye Romance“, showing off Seo’s strong voice. The title track, 사랑이라 ì“°ê³  아픔이라 부른다/Write Love Sing Pain, shows off her range in an emotional ballad.

사랑하면 안되나요/Can’t I Love, from the IRIS OST, is a power ballad with violin. The song helped boost her career and fans for her powerful voice.
가르쳐줘요/Teach Me is another ballad. The snapping elements in the intro are really interesting, then the beat breaks in with a slow R&B feel. The album ends with another ballad guitar based,애인있어요. Seo’s sullen voice adds to the feel of the song.

There are not many times in dances songs that Seo In Young showed off her voice. I’m glad that she showed all the anti-fans and fans why she is a singer. I rate it 4/5.

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