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Standing Egg releases first album, With

Hello my expressions! 24 days until Christmas and 33 days until contest is over, so sign up! Anway, enough plugging time to get to the artist. I’m starting to listen to more indie artist now and I found Standing Egg through IndiefulROK and immediately fell in love.

Standing Egg is a trio comprised of Clover on vacals and guitar, Hana on the djembe an African drumb and Han Kyul on the double bass. With is the trio’s first full length album. Singer’s,Go Hyun Uk and 3rd Coast’s Han So Hyun. The album is split up by diffirent themes (man,woman, winter).

사랑한다는 말 starts off with a simple guitar/piano melody. This song is really light; like something for the summer. lalala reminds me of a song by Jamoriquai.I really like the down beat of the piano.

man theme is a short piano interlude place between tracks that deal with manly things.
hide & seek duet with 고현욱 starts off the man theme. I like the use of percussion in the song. This sounds like something that might be played in a cafe. The piano is very lively and I love the rich tone of Go Hyun Yuk’s voice; very relaxing. 사랑에 빠져본 적 있나요 is a bit more uptempo but still keeps the laid back feeling. I espeially love the English lyrics: have you ever fell in love? ending the song. Kiss is quite romantic. Clover’s smooth voice is light like a whisper and make my heart feel like it’s about to fall out of my chest. Beautiful song.

woman theme introduces the next set of songs with a quick flourish of piano notes. 내일은 잊을거야 with sounds like something that would be on a show like Mnet’s A-live, where they change songs to more acoustic jam sessions. I love the simpleness: just a guitar and’s breathy vocals. 가슴 아픈 말 with 고현욱, is a melancholy slower tempo song. It also is one of the two title tracks and Go Hyun Yuk is featured again in this heartwrenching ballad.ë„Œ 이별 ë‚œ 아직 with 한소현   is the other title track featuring Han So Hyun of 3rd Coast. This song is more upbeat than the previous track, but you can still feel the emotion from So Hyun’s voice.

winter theme introduces the winter themed tracks with the last piano interlude.First Christmas picks up where the piano left of in the interlude. This track isn’t as happy as I thought it would be, but Clover’s voice makes up for that. Even though this song isn’t happy, I can still feel the sentimental value.가슴 아픈 말 with Clover (gray ver.) finishes off the album with another version of Heartbreaking End, heard in the woman’s theme. Clover’s version is softer, but all that emotion is still there.

With is one of the few albums I can listen to over and over again and never get tired of it. That’s the thing with indie music: they do it because they love it,not because they want fame or money. I loved every second of the album and I have listened to this repeatedly since it was released. I rate this 5/5!

Recommended Tracks: the entire album

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