After School Because of You

After school impressed with their second single, 너 때문에/Because of You. This was my favorite song of 2009 and the best single from the group. If Because of You was stripped, then this song would be even better. The song has Brave Sound’s trademark sound — processed with a catchy hook. This song was more mature and sleek and polished. The continuous piano rift in the beginning and Ga Hee’s short rap is really addicting.

When I Fall, written by Ga Hee is a slow tempo R&B song. I like the fact that this song shows off their voices and it has a nice melody. The single also features their second single, Diva from 2009. This song shows their more playful side filled with synth and a repetitive hook.

This was a good single from After School; probably their best. I’m tired of getting all these singles from After School. I want a full album with new songs, a fresh sound and good concept. I rate this 3.5/5

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