San E Everybody Ready?

JYP’s latest protege, San E a solo rapper and winner of the hip hop division of the 7th Korean Mainstream Music Awards, released his mini album featuring members from JYP Nation like miss A’s min, 2pm’s Junsu, JOO and Wonder Girls’ Ye Eun/Yenny.

San E’s rap style is more comedy like Korean rapper MC Mong or American Eminem. His video for Tasty San pokes fun at pretty much everyone from JYP company.

Introducing San E is exactly what it’s title says. The track starts off with snaps and claps then leads into San E rapping over a repetitive electro beat.Tasty San (featuring. miss A’s Min) is super fun and has a ‘Tell Me'(Wonder Girls) backbeat. Min singing this super catchy. The beat turns into more of a funky beat with San E’s hilarious lyrics.

LoveSick starts off with a nice piano melody backed by soft percussion ;it reminds me of UV’s No Cool.I’m Sorry. San E’s voice is bearable but I wouldn’t exactly say that he’s the best singer, but it fits with this song.While the song may be sad, the MV is so funny featuring SoHee from the Wonder Girls. B.U.B.U. (Break Up Back Up) featuring 2PM’sJunsu reminds me of something a pop group from the ’90’s might sing.

I love the intro with Joo’s beautiful voice in You Want It. This sounds a bit more sentimental and serious compared to the previous playful tracks. The piano loop is a nice touch to the mid-tempo song. His English is alright, but in the middle 8 it just doesn’t make any sense. Let’s Play has more of a techno beat.Wonder Girls’s Ye Eun sings the chorus and it adds the right amount to the song that would otherwise annoying me.

Everybody Ready? fit San E’s style: playful and fun. He blends emotion and comedy well. I really liked listening to this album and I can’t wait to see what else he brings us. I rate this 5/5.

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