ICONIQ Light Ahead

So this is ICONIQ’s first mini album and I mean come on avex! If you were going to pretty much reproduce her first album, then I could have waited for some more new songs, but whatever I’m just a mere fan blogger and what does my opinion mattter? On to the review.

Since most of the tracks were stolen from the first album, I copied and pasted from her debut album review. Yes, I know I’m lazy. I have a love/hate relationship with Girl Power. “What kind of girl are you?” is my favorite line in the song. The chorus can be annoying with all the random sounds, but ICONIQ’s ad-libs are adorable.

Change Myself is very addicting due to the bass drum layered with a bit of synth and repetitive ‘I’m changing もっと change for myself/I’m changing もっと change for myself’.Tokyo Lady is the Change Myself/Bye Now! mix gone wrong and don’t get me started on the PV; it’s horrible.
I.D feat.VERBAL is nice and has some computer/digital sounds floating around in the back and more synth. I really like the spelling of Identity and Verbal livens up the track that would otherwise be boring.Kiss & Cry sounds like a continuatuion of Girl Power. It’s an okay song, but nothing really stands out about it.BYE NOW! starts of with some guitar followed by some backing vocals and then synthesized instruments it’s a really nice combination. Then a harp joins in followed by some chants and ends with someone beat-boxing needless to say this track is gold.

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